Bye-bye Bansko BBQ

Hey there!

You 🫵 are invited to my farewell party on Saturday, April 20th.

The plan is to have a long-day barbecue at Altspace – The Summit (thank you, Becky).

There will be some drinks, some veggies and some meat, but best bring what your heart desires, we’ll have hot coals and paper plates and cups.

We’ll start around 15-16:00 (3-4pm), you can join whenever you can, and we’ll wrap around 21-22:00 (9-10pm).

Furries and +1s and 2s (and 3s) are welcome!

To recap: Saturday, April 20th BBQ at The Summit, from 3pm to 10pm, bring your own drinks, meats and veggies.

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Here’s me on a horse (thank you, Mark!)