April 2023 – Kuala Lumpur, Da Nang, Hue, Ho Chi Minh

  • Enjoying the A/C at Space A (opens new window)coworking in Da Nanag, Vietnam
  • Got reminded days on end for the past 3 weeks that I took on too many projects and some deadlines moved backwards in time which added more pressure, pressure that’s forcing me to do even more, which for the short term is ok (btw, I’m looking for a front-end developer collaborator (opens new window)), but I will take a longer break in the near future
  • So far in SouthEast Asia I stayed 4 days in Singapore – hostels are not the best place to adjust on a different timezone and recover on sleep, learned that the hard way – after that a week in Kuala Lumpur and this is my third and last week in Da Nanag, on friday I’ll land in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) and stay there for the rest of my visa in Vietnam; not sure where next, maybe Thailand, maybe Indonesia
  • Besides work I managed to fully enjoy the food here, and no matter how many documentaries you watch about asian food, until you taste it, you are so far from it
  • Got to see a few buddhist and hindu temples, truly felt the zen at Chùa Linh Ứng(opens new window)
  • Last weekend I rented a motorbike and managed to navigate the traffic here, or I might have been lucky at the hours I’ve ridden; nonetheless I managed to join a group on Sunday (hello Bamboo Bob (opens new window)) and we visited some abandoned resorts (opens new window)(add some extra vegetation, but these places are still here, still abandoned), a secret beach and we had a full day of adventures on the Hải Vân Pass(opens new window)
  • These days I’m saying the regular “see you soon” to the people I’ve met here and packing for Hue and then Saigon

Stuff I did that I didn’t write about in the updates:

  • Visited Hue for 2 days, met a work collaborator (hello Minh), walked (under the scorching sun) in The Imperial City (opens new window)(palace complex built on Beijing’s Forbidden City) and met friends from Da Nang (hello Rob from Bamboo Bob)
  • Landed in Ho Chi Minh aaand the long break turned out to be a forced recovery holiday from a trifecta of issues: heatstroke (yes MOM, I did wear a hat and drank water, but seems that not enough), food poisoning and a bad cold, so I spent my first few days in Ho Chi Minh between the hotel room and local pharmacies, but managed to get back on my feet to witness the Reunification Day commemoration/celebration in the (mega)city
  • Migrated from two backpacks to one suitcase and a backpack (all the stuff!)