May 2023 – Ho Chi Minh, Bali

  • Looking over a jungle of green from a coffee spot in Ubud, Bali with a fan blasting in my face
  • Realised I had not posted monthly updates under the then section, it’s just been updated 😉
  • Visited The Venerable Thich Quảng Đức Monument, The War Remnants Museum and some pagodas in Ho Chi Minh before I left for Bali
  • Spent the first few days in Indonesia meeting locals and getting used to the new sounds and flavours around me, now settled in Ubud for the rest of the week
  • Followed friends’ recommandations (thanks Andra, Răzvan), gathered some of my own and scheduled the next few days to leisurely enjoy Ubud and surroundings
  • Missing Vietnam a bit 🤫