August 2022 – Padova

  • Watching the stars at 18°C, it’s 1 am, somewhere in north-west Italy
  • On a week long trip across Spain, France and Italy to my next destination for august – october: Padova (or somewhere close); by now I already arrived in Italy, currently somewhere in the middle of nowhere, Garessio
  • Basque Country was a blast, one minute you’re hiking on random paths with small rivers, horses and cows around the hills and the next you end up on the ocean coast in Zumaya (check out the flysch) and I got some nice flashbacks of my home town by seeing hills with radio towers on top
  • Carcassonne in France is another awesome gem, with a lively city center and an amazing fortress (Cité de Carcassonne), though I’m not sure how much the people who built the fortress like all the plastic activity that’s happening inside the city walls
  • And before leaving France we(*) camped somewhere around the Gorges du Verdon here I drove on probably the most interesting serpentine roads; plus the ratatouille was top notch; then we ended the french journey with a pretty decent salmon bagel and icecream in Nice
  • In the second week of august I’ll hopefully settle at my next long term stay, get back to work and make plans for future endeavours (hint: a ski resort is on the list)

*) thanks to Alex and Owen who are my travel friends, and are mostly responsible for this trip, their friends: Olatz – our host in the Basque Country, François – our guide in Nice; and Răzvan who recommended Zumaya and other gems in Northern Spain