September 2022 – Eraclea Mare, Venice

  • Walking barefoot on the seaside, north of Venice in a small summer village
  • Had a short 3 days holiday in Venice at the beginning of September, and scheduling another one on the 21st
  • Viewed some movies on a floating cinema
  • Went on a short hike in the Dolomiti (hello Claudia), saw the beautiful Lake Sorapis
  • Took a short trip to Verona, and viewed quirky bars and pubs in Padova
  • Moved to a place where I’m probably the only inhabitant in the building (it’s really nice to be in a summer village towards the end of the season, eerily quiet and tranquil)
  • Finished some big projects, took on some bigger ones and trying to stay on track – probably the rain announced towards the end of the month will help with that
  • Planned a short trip to Bucharest and Piatra Neamț in mid-October, whilst my winter plans got a bit sidetracked

Stuff I did that I didn’t write about in the updates:

  • 3 more days in Venice for the Bienalle, which was an incredible experience
  • friends visiting at the seaside
  • started using a new book tracking app: Hardcover
  • got back to watching TV Shows as rewards for work, some evening spanning out of control, but managed to get a hold on it (or so I lie to myself)