December 2022 – Bucharest, Bansko

  • Riding the train from my parent’s place to Bucharest, then heading back to Bansko
  • Having some quiet holidays with friends and family, and receiving greetings from all the awesome people I met this and last year
  • Thoroughly enjoyed traditional food at home
  • Finished the year with lots of delivered projects, might have a proper portfolio page at some point
  • Getting ready to test the only open slope in Bansko
  • Still playing with my sleeping schedule, keeping up with cold showers every now and then and noticing how coffee usage is going down (sorry, Origo)

Stuff I did that I didn’t write about in the updates:

  • Got back to Bansko after Christmas and had a proper holiday with two days of snowboarding, two days of hot baths and hikes, sprinkled with dinners and parties in between
  • Really grateful and amazed by the nomad community in Bansko, definitely a place I’ll get back to