November 2022 – Bansko

  • Cooked myself a nice, simple meal on this lazy sunday
  • Went a bit overboard with socializing these weeks, but it’s incredible how many foreigners are in Bansko (as well as coworking spaces)
  • Picking the events I want to go to this next week and planning a short trip to Veliko Tarnovo next weekend
  • Pondering about building a personal image gallery or using something from the fediverse; any other suggestions?
  • Managed to get on track with most work projects and still a lot to deliver, but got a wave of new ideas to build something from scratch
  • Read and watched “Childhood’s End” – devilshly awesome SF novel by Arthur C. Clarke, and started reading “Quantum Man: Richard Feynman’s Life in Science” by Lawrence M. Krauss
  • Also got a bit on track with some TV Series and enjoying the hikes around here
  • Updated the DOR link on the NOtifications list of links

Stuff I did that I didn’t write about in the updates:

  • Attended lots of social events in Bansko
  • Went on two hikes in the Pirin mountains
  • Tried yoga with an instructor and added some moves to my routines